Registration Closed

We will soon mail the selected candidates about the next procedures.


We want the selected participants to go through the following important information:

The venue is IIT Madras;

Dates: June 7-14, 2014.

Sessions will be held from 9am-9pm. This includes screening of films in evenings.

Before you proceed further, read the following instructions very carefully:




  • The focus of the Workshop is on Screenwriting NOT filmmaking.
  • Interactive session with celebrity writers/directors will be for one-two days only.
  • Celebrity Speaker list is subject to modification, Imaging Cinema does not take responsibility for any last minute cancellation by a celebrity.
  • Selection committee’s decision is final ….we will not encourage any mails/calls/queries/posts in this regard.
  • Selected candidates should not canvass or recommend names of other applicants.

Selection process


  1. We received over 750 applications and as the total number of seats for the course is  150 we wish to tell the rejected applicants to apply next time.
  2. The selection was based on the SOLE DISCRETION of the organizers.
  3. Applications received AFTER THE DEADLINE were not considered for selection.
  4. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS were not considered for selection.
  5. Applications received EVEN ON THE Extended LAST DATE (13nd May 2014) were considered for selection.
  6. Those who didn’t receive any communication via mail including ‘not selected’ mail implies they are NOT SELECTED.
  7. During the shortlisting process many applicants were called on the phone for verification of details. This call cannot be considered as a call to FINAL SELECTION. Unless an applicant has been sent a formal mail of selection please do not send us any DD.
  8. The selected candidates hail from a CROSS-SECTION of the society belonging to various age groups: Software Professionals, Marketing Professionals, HR Professionals, Architects, School and College Students, Academicians, Research Scholars, Writers, Journalists, Independent Filmmakers, Persons working in the Film Industry, Theatre Persons. The objective was to be as inclusive as possible giving fair representation to applications from various quarters.
  9. IIT Madras and/or Imaging Cinema cannot be held liable or are answerable for rejection of applications
  10. Rejected applicants are welcome to apply next time as they are not barred from applying in the future.


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