Me and Orson Welles

We are happy with the quick responses we got for the first question in Satwik Says and we have cranked the tempo up a notch in the next question. Do check it out. Hoping for more participation!!


Very rarely do we get to watch a movie that has a plot revolving around a director and his work. I dont mean a director’s biopic, we’ve had some very good ones like that (non believers watch Ed Wood) but a story about a director where the story can hold its own and not just be an accesory to sing the glories of the director. That rarity occured last year with the release of Me and Orson Welles. The director is Richard Linklater. Now, Linklater, as independant and arthouse cinema fans will recall has given us movies like Slacker, SubUrbia, Fastfood Nation, Before Sunrise, Tape and Waking Life. He has also directed mainstream hits like School of Rock, Dazed and Confused and A Scanner Darkly. Orson Welles has been portrayed by Christian McKay and Zac Efron plays Richard, a young actor. WATCH IT!




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